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Dear Reader:

Winter, 2021

I’m excited to announce the release of Agent Colton’s Takedown. FBI Agent Bryce Colton has his hands full protecting restauranteur Olivia Margulies from a determined serial killer.

Many of the scenes in this book take place inside the heroine’s deli. For me, a bit of nostalgia. My first job was in a restaurant. At age fourteen, I started as the dishwasher, moved to salad girl (yes, that’s what they called me), became a hostess and finally, a server. After college, I took that experience and became part-owner of my own restaurant and spent most of my twenties there. It was hard work, I learned much, and I am forever grateful for the experience.

So, I had a soft spot in my heart writing this story. Love and food, in my mind, go together quite nicely. Add in some adventure and intrigue, and like any finely-seasoned dish, it becomes even more interesting.

I hope you enjoy this book. It’s a standalone novel but also part of the The Colton’s of Grave Gulch series. There are 12 books in this storyline by 12 different authors that began in January of 2021 and will close out at the end of this year. Mine is book 11 so some of the overarching mysteries from the earlier books get resolved.

Thus, fans of the series will enjoy meeting another member of the Colton clan and getting a chance to revisit old friends introduced in the other Colton novels. However, do not despair if you haven’t read any of the other books in the miniseries. You won’t be lost!

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