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Dear Reader:

 Spring, 2022

I’m super excited that the third book in the A.L. McKittridge series, LIES STILL TOLD, is now available. When Platt Waymann is found murdered in his own home, Detective A.L. McKittridge has a personal interest in solving the crime. Oddly enough, A.L.’s father and his uncle Joe, who should be outraged at their good friend’s death, urge him to look the other direction and let this one go.

 When a second murder victim surfaces in the local lake less than 24 hours later, A.L. and his partner Rena Morgan initially dismiss any connection to Platt’s murder. But then, irrefutable evidence is found that links the two crimes.

 A.L. and Rena dig deep and realize that secrets and lies from the past are very much a part of the recent deaths. It becomes evident that A.L.’s father and his uncle Joe are at the center of those deceptions. A.L. has decisions to make but none of his choices are good.

 In other book news, in March, the second book in the Heroes of the Pacific Northwest series, Trouble in Blue, was released. Now, the third and final book in this series, Her Dangerous Truth, can be pre-ordered and be waiting for you when released in July, 2022. For more information, click on Books/Romantic Suspense.

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