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About Beverly

I was raised in a small town in Illinois and was a frequent visitor to our little library. While I read many types of books, I was drawn to those featuring feisty heroines in dangerous situations. I so wanted to be Trixie Belden or Nancy Drew.

I co-authored my first book in fourth grade, discovering the love of creating characters. In high school, I knew that writing was easy for me. If there was a choice between dissecting the frog and writing the five page paper about it, I volunteered for the paper every time.

But I never considered writing as a career. I went to college, got a business degree and later an MBA and worked for many years as a human resources leader.

I continued to be a reader, however, gravitating toward romantic fiction. And in my mid-thirties, decided that it might be time to write my own book. Many years later in 2005, my first book, Stay with Me, was published. In the years since then, I’ve written many more books and novellas and am always grateful for the opportunity to do so.

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