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Stay With Me by Beverly Long  STAY WITH ME

A Time Travel Romance

It’s a case of mistaken identity when Sarah Jane Tremont is swept off a California beach and tossed more than a hundred years back to 1888 Wyoming Territory, onto John Beckett’s doorstep. He has her confused with his former sister-in-law, the woman he believes responsible for his brother’s death. Can Sarah convince the handsome rancher of the truth? Can he convince her to stay in his time?

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Reviews for Stay With Me

“I found Stay with Me to be one of the best time-travel books I’ve ever read.  The story caught my attention from the beginning and held me spellbound until the surprising conclusion.  I admire the way Ms. Long introduced her characters, then slowly expanded them throughout the story until you felt you knew them all personally.”

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“I loved this story and the characters from the moment Sarah drops into John’s life until the surprising ending.  Down-to-earth dialogue, a great deal of humor, and a heart-warming romance kept me up until the wee hours of the morning.  For a book that will make you smile, do not miss Stay with Me.  It’s a perfect ten.”

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Here With Me by Beverly Long  HERE WITH ME

A Time Travel Romance

Sheriff George Tyler time travels from 1888 Wyoming Territory to modern-day Napa Valley and meets Melody Song, a woman badly in need of a temporary husband. He agrees to help and quickly realizes that Melody needs more than just his name. She also needs his protection. Someone is intent upon harming her and her unborn child. Can George save them both?

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Reviews for Here with Me

“This book makes you remember why you first fell in love with romance.  It rates with the very best.  The 19th century sheriff ends up in a Napa Valley vineyard, protecting a lovely, good-hearted woman.  The extended family is straight out of a Dallas rerun.  The elements themselves might seem standard, but the author folds them together so beautifully that you cannot resist being swept up into the story anymore than you could resist another visit with Pride and Prejudice.   This is a deeply satisfying read.”

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Yesterday's Magic by Beverly Long YESTERDAY'S MAGIC

A Time Travel Romance

Bella Fantini is a modern-day witch who must leave her magic behind when she time travels back to 1877 Kansas to prevent a curse from being placed on her family. Sheriff Jedidiah McNeil isn’t happy about the beautiful stranger who is wrecking havoc in his peaceful town. Will Bella succeed and save her family? Can Jedidiah convince her to give up her magic in exchange for love?

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Reviews for Yesterday’s Magic

"This was another great time-travel romance from Beverly Long! I especially enjoyed the way Bella fits into life in her “new time”! I felt I was right there for her eventual struggle for love and the courage to accomplish what she traveled back in time for! I can hardly wait for Beverly’s next “can’t put it down” book!"

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