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While writing is a solitary pursuit for the most part, certainly I’ve not made this journey on my own.  I have many people to thank.  They include:


My husband and children—You’ve filled my life with joy and love and made it easy to believe in happy endings.


My first editor at Berkley, Louisa Edwards—I’m so glad that Stay With Me made you cry. 


My current editor at Berkley, Jessica Wade—Your efforts to make Here With Me a better book are sincerely appreciated. 


My agent, Sha-Shana Crichton—It’s wonderful to have an agent who is as excited about my career as I am.


My friends, Jenifer and Mindy—Not only were you my first readers but now you’ve become very skilled at hosting book signings as well.


My writing group, Chicago-North—I have learned much from each of you and know I would never have sold a book without your help.


My writing friend, Pat—Your friendship means a lot to me.  I always knew we’d both make it.

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