August 2012

Hi readers. Hope your summer has been fabulous. As always, it went too fast.

In just a couple months, RUNNING FOR HER LIFE, will hit the shelves. Check out the cover. If you like small towns and big danger and you buy into the theory that the past always catches up with you, you’re going to enjoy this book.

In RUNNING FOR HER LIFE, the heroine is Tara Thompson—she’s a woman on the run who is running out of time. Her abusive ex-fiancé intends to kill her. The only person who may be able to help is the interim police chief, Jake Vernelli. But since she’s living way outside the law, he may be the biggest danger of all.

Tara owns and operates Nel’s Café, where the coffee is always fresh and biscuits and sausage gravy are a breakfast staple.

In RUNNING FOR HER LIFE, you’ll get a glimpse of Sam Vernelli and that’s all it will take. You’re going to want to read his story and you’ll have your chance in March, 2013 when DEADLY FORCE hits the shelves. His partner, Cruz Montoya adds some spice and then positively sizzles in his own book, SECURE LOCATION, an April, 2013 release.

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Coming November 2012....

Running For Her Life by Beverly Long
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