I canít remember a time when I didnít love books and didnít love to read.  I used to sneak a flashlight into my bedroom, pull the covers over my head, and then, undetected by parents or older siblings, Iíd read until the wee hours of the morning.


When I was in grade school, I waited impatiently, my allowance money in hand, for the next Trixie Belden or Nancy Drew book to hit the shelves.  I was a sucker even then for a strong heroine. 


In my teens, I discovered the Harlequin romance novel and I was hooked.  What wasnít to love about gorgeous people doing interesting things in exotic places?  What wasnít to love about a happy ending? 


In between reading romance novels, I managed to get married, get a bachelorís degree in business management, find a job, have two children, and go back to night school for a masterís degree.       


I had stories in my head and in my heart but it wasnít until 1996 that I decided to try my hand at writing my own romance novel.  I still have that bookóand when I need a good laugh, I pull it out and read it.  It really is bad.  Fortunately, I was smart enough to join a writing group of like-minded soulsóRomance Writers of Americaóand eight years and several more manuscripts later, in early 2004, I sold a book to Berkley Publishing.


That book became Stay with Me, a time-travel where the heroine travels back to the Old West.  It was published in January, 2005--click on Books for more information.   Here with Me, a sequel to Stay with Me, was released in November, 2006.  Click on Books for more information and links to order.


If you find time in your busy life to read my books, I hope you enjoy them as much as Iíve enjoyed my favorite books over the years.  I hope they make you laugh and make you cry and affirm your belief in love and happy endings.

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